Nets to Catch the Wind (fantasy novel)


by: John Webster

LL the flowers of the spring
Meet to perfume our burying;
These have but their growing prime,
And man does flourish but his time:
Survey our progress from our birth;
We are set, we grow, we turn to earth.
Courts adieu, and all delights,
All bewitching appetites!
Sweetest breath and clearest eye,
Like perfumes, go out and die;
And consequently this is done
As shadows wait upon the sun.
Vain ambition of kings
Who seek by trophies and dead things
To leave a living name behind,
And weave but nets to catch the wind.

This is the first novel in a series of sweeping historical fantasy.

Sarah, a sweet girl from our world, dies only to awaken on a world where magic and elves are real, but it’s nothing like her dreams.  The Elfaar are a race crippled by the loss of their lands, hunger, and have been nearly wiped out by the human colonists.

Sarah finds herself in the body of the local Governor, a treacherous violent woman.  But she wants to make things better, bring about an era of peace and cooperation between Elfaar and Human.  Why else would the Gods have brought her here?

But it will be far harder and far more dangerous than she realizes.  People in power like the status quo, and many want the silver and gems the Elfaar are sitting on.

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