Finally, a website … maybe …

OK, 5 hours on chat to fix the issues. I was told it would be up in 48 hours. End of today is 48 business hours.  We’ll see.

I’m off to find the materials to make friends a baby quilt, they’re expecting around my birthday!  Gee, guys, thanks! You shouldn’t have.  Baby fat, baby giggles, baby feet; what a birthday present!

So tomorrow morning is their absolute deadline.

In the meantime, guests are packing to go, plans are being made, new writing routine/ schedule is being worked out…

Need to schedule 2 different blog posts for two different sites mon & thur every week.

Need time to promo on FB, Twitter, Smashwords, etc.

Need to arrange book signings, sales tables, etc.

Need to WRITE: at least 1 novel from scratch, 1 from a script I wrote, maybe a couple more short stories for anthologies.

Continue to purge clutter that has built up over the years

Organize my office so I can find my research

Research! Canada 1868, medicinal herbs and how to use them, nomadic lifestyles…

Make a meal plan every week and stick to it! Well, as is reasonable…

Exercise, especially after my appt at the pain clinic where they will see what exercises I can do without further injuring my spine

Make more meals from scratch. Stop defaulting to schwarmas or subway.


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