About Me

Laurie Stewart: Renaissance Goddess….

Well, not quite.  I am an independent film maker in Ontario, Canada. I write, direct and produce, or any combination of the three.  I also am an author, with several books in two genres on the go, one in first draft and one in editing, most in scattered notes in a file drawer.  As  hobby, I paint and photograph landscapes, and want to learn to paint portraits.

Most of my work has to do with fantasy, swords and sorcery, Celtic gods, ancient Scotland…  and totally made up worlds.  I love gargoyles and skeletons, and might have a few Gothic touches around my house.

I live with my husband and Yeti, the abominable snow-cat, on a 1 acre hobby farm near Canada’s capital city.  I love gardening, cooking real and whole foods, photographing the never-ended changes in the sky and fields, and imagining new worlds and new stories.

Contact me at laurie@lauriestewart-author.com


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