10 things I learned in Hawaii!

My hubby and I just returned from a week in the land of coconut and pineapple everything. And I loved it! Except for the humidity! You should have seen my hair!

And mangoes squished on the sidewalk like fall apples. Broke my heart!

But, off to the 10 things I learned.

  1. Guava tastes of nothing. Sweet but no flavour, very disappointing.
  2. Ripe pineapple is incredible. It’s sweet, barely acidic at all, and doesn’t hurt your tongue.
  3. Shave Ice is a thing. Shaved Ice is not. It’s also huge! The cup is 6″ at the petals. This is a size small.17504327_10158625744530107_7823821273222312310_o
  4. Even heat loving me can’t deal with stoopid-hot and 100% humidity, so it’s unlikely we’ll go back and impossible to dream of retiring there. But it’s so pretty!17498620_10158622385780107_1697153093808319515_n
  5. It is easier to buy shirts for big men in Hawaii. Unfortunately, they’re almost all Hawaiian shirts.
  6. The water is BLUE! Like lapis lazuli blue. And warm. Ok, I may go back. We never did get to any of the historical sites. If I base a story there, and do all of the tours… is it a tax write-off? (Don’t answer I know the answer.)17499348_10158626574275107_7569504207297333572_n
  7. Nobody gives you a lei for getting off of a plane. You have to go  to an expensive event. We went to a luau for $100US a person. But the purple orchids were gorgeous. It’s a sin I couldn’t bring them home with me. But I checked with Customs; up to $400 fine per infraction (and about 30 orchid blossoms per lei…) plus confiscation of the item, so I wouldn’t even have them.17547022_10158631841710107_3624461896374265860_o
  8. Gluten Free is not a thing there. Seriously, almost no-one had even heard of it. One restaurant asked how bad my reaction would be, as if they were considering lying to me.  Most places did have grilled options, but the fish was almost always dredged in flour to crisp it up. The coconut was mixed with wheat to make it easier to work with.  Sigh, somebody has to figure out a lactaid or beano pill for GF.  Who do I know who works in drugs manufacturing?  Legal drugs. Not a basement set-up.
  9. Macadamia nut mead is a thing. So is pineapple caramel wine. And GF booze made from pineapples. But no matter how long you stay, your duty free allowance stays at 1.5 litres.
  10.  Going on a real vacation, ie: not taking any writing or editing with you, makes you get behind. Seriously! I’m now looking at 3600 words a day or more. My single best day was just over 4000, so I need to repeat it every day. Does that mean I won’t do it again?  Something I learned about myself? I would absolutely do it again!

I am now doing Camp Nano, an easier version of Nanowrimo. So expect a lot of posts about writing. Especially when I’m procrastinating doing any.

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