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Voting and “I am a person”

“Today, I am a person.”  This was spoken in 1916 by Nellie McClung in Manitoba, upon women receiving the right to vote.  I think.  It might have been one of the other hundreds of women who were attacked on the street, beaten by police, jailed and starved to get women the vote. It was a hard fought campaign.

So, in the honour of feminism at its best, strong women everywhere, and BECAUSE I CAN…. I voted in the federal election.

I would say that Election day was great, but I couldn’t wait, we voted Thanksgiving weekend.  And got a result to be thankful for: the decade of Harpes and his CONservative battle against everybody who isn’t rich, white and male is OVER!

This is our new prime Minister: Justin Trudeau, son of one of my favourite former PMs, Pierre Trudeau. He is off to a promising start with this letter, his FB page, and this photo.  That’s the Prime Minister.  Yessirree.  I’m gonna have to get political.


So, what does this have to do with anything?  Specifically, why should you care?

Well, two of Justin’s platform logs were: Double the CBC budget (Canada’s national TV broadcaster, which is supposed to be politically neutral, but under Harpes was defunded until they became his mouthpiece).  And raise investment in the arts, including writing and independent film. Which was also slashed to nearly nothing by the HarperCons, after being renamed “Culture” and having the Olympics steal almost all the funding.

Harper said that if he didn’t like it, it wasn’t art.  He only liked things that made him look smart, like ballet, symphony, opera… and hockey.  He didn’t even know who Margaret Atwood was until she publicly came out as anti-Conservative. Then he got petty and misogynistic, qu’elle surprise….

Or things that made him look important, like the Olympics and G8 summits.

So, more money for Arts Council grants, research grants, publishing grants…

Maybe grants to attend seminars on why has my book had 1 sale in the past 30 days, Amazon??

Maybe I need to remind people more often, but I hate being a pain, and know very little about marketing.  Plus I’m 5 scenes from finishing the first draft of an epic fantasy, and planning to write the sequel to the published book during Nano. I need a grant to pay a marketer.  I know of a couple awesome ones…