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Desks and writerly rituals

A friend (also an author) posted a photo on Facecrack of his new writing space. It’s the spare bedroom in their apartment, now with a Murphy bed and his desk, bookcases, laptop, etc. It’s gorgeous. It’s pristine and decorated, and the exact opposite of mine.

The left one is mine.  Jamieson‘s looks like something from a magazine.  I tell myself I’d never get anything done there, too clean, where would I put my notes? The cat says I’m just jealous. Yeah, but where are his Crabbies? Where is his ingredients for a Gimlet (and if I used the gin made in Canada, would it be a Gimli?)

I’m thinking that we could make this comparison of desks/ writing space a thing. Karen Marie Moning recently posted a photo of her incredibly beautiful writing space on Facecrack. I was overcome with the greenies. And decided to try traditional publishing for my novels, and self publish or sell to anthologies, the short stories. Like my writing hero, Gail Z Martin, (I’d love to see her writing space)! She self publishes short stories on Amazon, based on her traditionally published novels. She is also incredibly prolific!

As for rituals, well… I get up 8ish, as I have a big insomnia problem and it takes hours to fall asleep. Then I feed cats, get coffee, do email and FB until about noon, then write until my hubby comes home. Some days, if it’s really flowing, I chase him out of the living room, and continue to write.

What do you do to tell the muse it’s time to show up? Other than shower, weed the garden or try to sleep?

I’ve rearranged my living room to make an “author’s photo booth” so I can get a proper author’s book cover photo. The cookbook cover photo is fun, but not appropriate to all things.


In fact, it’s barely appropriate for any cookbook other than the Asian one. But I like it and it’s big enough to pass the sniff test on a printer’s upload program.

BTW, both the Asian and Indian cookbooks have gone into a second printing!  Go, me! And they will soon be reviewed by a professional chef and caterer. Not sure if I’m excited or scared witless.


My dear hubby and I are renewing our passports, decided to go for the 10 year one, as I’m not going to get any younger.  lol

Although I must say, 55 (my birthday was the 6th) has been pretty awesome. One short story in an anthology, a publisher ASKED ME to submit another story for a feminist fantasy anthology. And the writing is coming so easy! If only the garden could weed itself.

So, that’s a view into my warped brain for this Monday. Stay tuned…

Tarot reading: Day 3

The Page of keys from “the New Tarot“.

The Page of Keys thinks that the world is a wonderful toy, like the puzzlebox she carries, and it is her way to tinker with it.  She loves nothing more than applying her prodigious intellect to problem solving tasks. .. Although she usually has no particular purpose or aim in mind and simply takes on the mental challenges for their own sake.  Big plans can wait, right now she just wants to see what she can learn and what she can do. Others sometimes find her cold or strange, but but in truth, she is simply less fond of messy social interactions, than she is of the crystal clarity of abstract thought. Likely she leaves a trail of brilliant ideas discarded carelessly behind her.

Like all court cards, when appearing in a reading, the Page of Keys will often stand for a particular person known to the querant;as a Page, she will probably be a young woman (whatever that may mean in context). She may be a responsible, emotionally self-sufficient daughter or sister, a woman who sees the world differently from everyone else, someone who pursues her interests wherever they may lead her, a lover of puzzles, games or mysteries, a calm and level-headed friend, a technician, designer, analyst, or student of the physical sciences.”

Page of Keys

Sooo…. self-sufficient, brilliant, loves mysteries… could be me… I don’t really feel over 25.  Except for my back, and frankly, they screwed up my surgery at 18, so it’s always felt old.

Not fond of messy social things, prefers being alone to think… yup.   Doesn’t finish big plans, leaves brilliant ideas in the dust…. yeah, that’s me.

So, I take this to say: yeah, you’re still coughing up a lung, and your nose is still running like a linebacker, but get your arse back to work on that novel before you forget the plot!

So, this is me… sniffling and hacking on my novel.

Tarot reading: a card a day to your goals

Like Jamieson Wolf I want to start pulling tarot cards for the day. I will be using both my Robin Wood deck, and my new “The New Tarot” by Warren Tusk. (http://www.paracelsus-games.com/card-decks/)

Here’s my first one, the Knight of Tomes.
“The Knight of Tomes is a man on a mission, and his mission is to understand. Like all Knights, he embodies the most active elements of his suit; thus he is driven not only to acquire knowledge but to digest it and to contextualize it,

digest it and to contextualize it, to put every idea in its place until he can see the greater truth of things. Unlike many a Knight’s quest, this is not a task that can be rushed — what is learned in haste is, so often, learned wrongly. Thus he keeps to the slow and quiet places, letting his horse proceed at a gentle walk, keeping his concentration firmly on the text before him. There is no hurry. The mill of his mind grinds at what pace it will, but it grinds exceedingly small. He will get where he wishes to go.

Like all court cards, when appearing in a reading, the Knight of Tomes will often stand for a particular person known to the querant; as a Knight, he will probably be a “young” man (whatever that may mean in context). He may be a distant, dreamy son or brother; an intellectual colleague or correspondent; a person who pursues his own strange thoughts, or generally marches to the beat of his own drummer; a critical thinker who compulsively deconstructs what he reads and hears; someone dedicated to mastery of a particular narrow field; a philosopher, mathematician, journalist, or editor. “

So, this likely has to do with my writing, my writing friends, or my writing meeting last night. I must think on it.

But since it is the suite of tomes, or books, it certainly seems pointed.  My NYE goals (see previous post on resolutions) are mainly writing oriented, so for the first card I pull in this new practice to be a Tomes….

I think it’s telling me to be dedicated, even when I don’t feel like it.  Writing is a calling, and a profession, not a hobby.  And to be willing to spend the time to properly research, outline, timeline, etc. It’s only time wasted if I need to replot 1/2 the book because I went out without doing the work.

knight of tomes