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Prose in the Park; and busyness

This weekend the registration for authors writing in English opened up. Within 48 hours (taking time off from processing for food, family and Gotham) there was only one table left. One half-table.

It was a great test of the process we worked out, and it worked! It was even pretty painless, with 2 minor screw-ups of table numbers. Which were quickly noticed and fixed in a polite, professional manner!

I am now totally psyched for the PiP festival to arrive, but must bide my time until June 4th.

Good thing I have Camp Nano coming up, editing 140k words down to less than 110k, and reworking the beginning TOTALLY should keep me busy. I and a couple friends have signed up to Camp Nanowrimo in April to set a goal/ deadline for ourselves to get our books edited. I refuse to still be editing this at next November’s Nano.

Also it’s Spring! It’s Spring! It’s Spring!  We shall just ignore that little blizzard scheduled for Wednesday, thank you.  I’ve ordered seedlings, and sweet potato sprouts, and am deciding what to direct sow, like snow peas? Yes ma’am.  Zucchini, patty pan and winter squashes? Hell yeah!

We’re still clearing the loft for a friend to move into. Good thing we’ve got a couple months, where did we get so much crap? Why is it being stored instead of tossed?

What are you doing to deal with spring restlessness?