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Cover reveals and releases!

So, both short stories due in October are officially in anthologies!

Shifting Shards (Eighth Ripple Press) is a Halloween anthology containing a short story from my urban fantasy series set in Ottawa, Ontario. “On This Day We Maen be Seen” takes place between the first two novels, and introduces Moira, the lead character, to Lilu-Lilitu, an Incubus who is a major player in book two. In both senses of the word.  🙂


They will also be publishing a Christmas story in this same series, that has vampires. This story takes place in Eastern Europe and introduces us to some characters who may show up later.

A very bitey Christmas to all!

Coming out on October 27th is my short, “The Soul Eggs”, published in 30 at 30, the 30th anniversary anthology from Ottawa Independent Writers, of whom I am a proud member. The Soul Eggs is a short (under 2000 words) horror story based on a fairy tale.


I also received back the rights to a short story that won a fantasy writing competition and am releasing it as an ebook short. It is set in Terreagles, which is both the fantasy country my medieval series is set in, and the actual name of a micro-kingdom my ancestors owned in northern Scotland about 800AD.


This one fits into the set of Terreagles novels starting with Nets to Catch the Wind, and is backstory for one of the main characters.

My next Nano novel, and the first to be published (I hope, possibly, maybe but I just figured out how to fix Nets to Catch the Wind) is called A Ring of Earth and takes place roughly 200 years before this story.

I am currently trying to convince a publishing program that a 2500 word story does not need a table of contents. It disagrees. Stoopid program.

So I have sent a note off to a live person. Hopefully they publish short stories or I’ve just wasted all day fighting with it.

New cover Reveal, and….. big news!

The other night I met with dear friend and photoshopper extraordinaire, Michel Daw. Together, we designed the new cover for A Test of Loyalty.

Turns out that the cover designed for my experiment with KDP Select belongs to Kindle/ Createspace. I can’t use it on Kobo or ibooks, or anywhere.  Great way for them to force me to stay exclusive to them.

Fortunately, I have awesome friends…. and a new cover!


Drumroll, please……

lauries cover

The book, and new cover has been uploaded to Smashwords and Pronoun. Within the next week it will be showing up on Kobo, Sony, ibooks, Nook….



And now I need to make my lists, and get started on christmassy stuff, when did it get so close?

And soon Amazon.ca and .com, and several country specific platforms I’d never heard of before, and others will get the book. Nook apparently will be last, the upload taking up to 10 business days, the rest say 1-5.  Some pretty specific timing there, folks.  🙂