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My life so far….

Well, so far today.

Major pain from being in town yesterday. I had a Dr appt, where she doubled my morphine dose (that’s always a good sign, right?), told me the xrays of my back revealed “significant erosion” from L5 to L3, and there wasn’t enough healthy bone left to try to operate to fix the degenerating discs.

The good news was that the anti-osteoporosis meds I’ve been on for 4 years have started adding bone mass to my hips, just not the frigging spine! And she admires my upbeatness and my hopeful cheerfulness. Well, let’s be honest, dear readers. My back is Fracked!  I can moan and groan and be miserable, or I can love my family & friends with all my heart, throw myself into healthy cooking, my writing etc and be as happy as I can because after 36 years of this shit with my back, I’m still here. I’m still having fun.

This is where studying Stoicism comes in. I can only change what is within my power. Is a degenerating spine something in my power to change? No. But my attitude, my behaviour, and my character all are. So I choose to be happy. I choose to be strong. I do NOT choose to let the pain define me.

I love my life. I love my hubby, I love gardening (with the help of my minion Willow) and I love writing. And my back is what it is. Nothing will change it.

In other news of things to appreciate, my Yeti , who is still claiming to be a giant cat, is scary smart. His water dish was empty. He went to the sink to yowl for more. When that didn’t work, he came to my office, yowled for me to pet him, but backed out of reach. Every time I reached for him, he ran to the office door and looked at me.  When I followed him to the kitchen, yes he ran straight to the kitchen, he actually stood up to paw at the counter in front of the sink. It took long enough to sink in that he wanted me to follow him that I wonder which of us is smarter…


It’s pretty clear who he thinks is smarter.

Nanowrimo and the naked cat

So, I am mere days away from the official end of Nanowrimo.  I say “official” because I will likely be done today, and a dear friend and I have decided to continue the breakneck pace until we are finished a first draft. hopefully before Yule, so my darling hubby doesn’t kill me.

I can hear you wondering “where does the naked cat come in?”

Well, my poor, pretty boy got a skin infection on his butt.  He’s too pudgy to reach it to keep it properly cleaned, and is nervous of anyone going back there with scissors.  It’s the leftover trauma from being fixed, I’m sure.

So, off to the vet to be shaved, so we could apply ointment and the air could get to the infection.  The first day, he was not impressed at all.

Of course, I did start laughing every time I looked at him, and no cat likes that.  Not even a laid back dude like Yeti.  And it interfered with my nano-ing. How am I supposed to write about assassins and barbarians, and a looming war when I laugh every time I look at my cat.

I mean, seriously!  Look at the hooker boots!

My insecure, pay-attention-to-me, why-does-petting-feel-so-good cat.  But he soon settled in, though he’s cold for the first time in his life.  I keep finding him curled up in my sweaters.  At least he’s not covering them with cat fur.

Nano enters its second week

19,727..  39% of the way done, at 30% through the month.

Whew!  Going good, so far.

It’ll be fun trying to tie it all together at the end, it’s spawning subplots and minor characters like… a lot of… spawning things..

But editing and worrying waits until December, when I am done the mind flush that is Nano.  It’s great to see that there is a story here, lots of action, heartbreak, plots and treason.  Good stuff like that.

I was worried, since a friend came to stay for the long weekend and I fell behind.  But she was very understanding and let me have a couple hours each day to try to avoid falling impossibly far behind.

My dear fluffy-pants cat has decided how he will punish me for ignoring him.  He’s too fat to jump up on my desk and get in the way, so he’s taken to peeing on the floor, just outside the office door.  So I step in it if I go to the bathroom or for more coffee.  I may have to find a babysitter for the next three weeks.

Free book for Halloween!


My friend Jamieson Wolf, a prolific writer in several genres, has decided to offer this scary story about a shopping mall (I know, right?)  for FREE this Halloween.

Mall of the Dolls  tells the tale of creepy little girls taking over a shopping mall. Is it a Halloween story or a Christmas tale?  You be the judge, but don’t wait…. it’s free for only a limited time.

My own news?  Um….  I finished cleaning the fridge….  It’s more of a chore than it sounds, since my back won’t allow me to stand up for more than 10 minutes, or bend over hardly at all.  I did one shelf a day, while hubby was at work, removing everything, washing the shelf, throwing out some stuff, putting in a liner… and returning what we were keeping.  There’s so much more room in there now!  And so many clean canning jars that were filled with… unidentifiable old… stuff…

And my beautiful boy (cat) had an emergency run to the vet on Saturday,  He had stopped eating and had diarrhea.  Never in the litter-box, of course not.  It was a foot away from the box.  Every.  Single.  Time.

It was drop-in day, no appointments and we were there about 3 hours.  With an increasingly hungry and bitchy cat, and an entire litter of 12 week old, russet, great labs, there for their booster shots.  Beautiful, friendly, rambunctious, cranky-cat-disrespecting puppies.

About the time one ignored Yeti’s growling and licked him through the mesh of the cat carrier, we were called into the exam room. So he was diagnosed with “I dunno, he doesn’t have a fever”.  Given antinauseants and antibiotics and sent home.

Yeti was still cranky the next morning when I had to give him his first 2 pills.  Before feeding him.  That was a full body workout for both of us.  He’s 20lbs of gorgeous, cranky cat.

20141029_094249  Yeti, FILLING my big brown couch.

I am also prepping for Nanowrimo.  Characters, photos of castles, playlists, stocking up on wine….  and yesterday my annual Fall migraine arrived.  yay…..

But the wine and allergy pills will beat it by Nov 1st.  I am determined.  Because writing with a migraine is painful, and doesn’t always make sense.  Even to me.

Wow, that was fast…. and confusing

I guess I had better write an actual post, since I got 7 followers while my blog was still marked “hidden”.  funny, I thought that meant unsearchable, or hidden from everyone.  But it really just means it’s hidden from me when I go to “my blogs” page.  Pain inna butt….

It is no longer hidden, so I should say something…


This is my 23lb cat, Yeti.  Someone said I should have called Snowflake, but at his size, Yeti suits him far more.  He is 22″ from the flat of his chest to the flat of his butt, so without counting head and tail, he’s 2 ft long.  And 14″ at the shoulder.

Fortunately, he’s an affectionate, laid back dude of a cat.  God help us if he ever goes feral, we’ll need a machine gun to take him down.

I may post a lot about him, he’s smart, funny and always in my way.

November is “National Novel Writing Month, or Nanowrimo.  The concept is to sign up to write a 50k word book in 30 days.  Insane, but so… fun….let’s go with fun.  The best part is that it requires you to shut off your internal editor, your mental critic, that little voice that says “you’re not good enough”, because you just don’t have time to listen.

I’ll be working on Nets to Catch the Wind, I’ve set up a page on here for it, hopefully I’ll have time to update it.  My nano name is Gaelica, in Ottawa.  Writing buddies are cool because they watch your word count like obsessed hawks.

And it gets you in the habit of writing every day, good or bad, bums in seat/ hands on keyboard.  Because according to Steven King. that’s what you need to do.  You may write by inspiration, but it’s gotta be able to find you.

So, be prepared to see a lot of hand-wringing, hair-pulling, crazy-eyed shit for the next few weeks.  If you’re lucky, I’ll post a selfie.