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Nano enters its second week

19,727..  39% of the way done, at 30% through the month.

Whew!  Going good, so far.

It’ll be fun trying to tie it all together at the end, it’s spawning subplots and minor characters like… a lot of… spawning things..

But editing and worrying waits until December, when I am done the mind flush that is Nano.  It’s great to see that there is a story here, lots of action, heartbreak, plots and treason.  Good stuff like that.

I was worried, since a friend came to stay for the long weekend and I fell behind.  But she was very understanding and let me have a couple hours each day to try to avoid falling impossibly far behind.

My dear fluffy-pants cat has decided how he will punish me for ignoring him.  He’s too fat to jump up on my desk and get in the way, so he’s taken to peeing on the floor, just outside the office door.  So I step in it if I go to the bathroom or for more coffee.  I may have to find a babysitter for the next three weeks.

Deep in the first week of Nano

11, 528.


in 4 days.

Holy freaking shit.  No wonder my head hurt when I awoke this morning, I likely sprained it.

And I have 3 more weeks to keep up this pace to get to 50,000 by midnight Nov. 30th.

So… why?

Because you have to write every day to get good., because the muse may come to you with words of silk and honey, but she has to know where to find you.  I’ll be at my desk.  Every day. Just like Stephen King said.

And hopefully, the habit of writing everyday will come back.  I used to write every day, finished a YA novel, 2 1st draft novels and a couple of film scripts.

But when I was sick for a year, that habit was the first thing to go.  So now,, ‘m fighting to get it back.  To finish a fantasy novel by the end of the month, then edit it into a reasonable second draft.  To stay writing to expand the YA novel to 50-75,000 words and submit it.

To get at least some of the hundreds of stories and voices onto paper before they make me nuts.

To get my alpha readers a second draft so they’ll stop whining.  🙂

My first post as a writer…

Welcome to my Author’s Site, experimental edition!

I’m going to be practicing my author’s blogging and website here, and using it as a launchpad for a real website.

I’ll also be posting cat photos and unrelated stuff, just because I’m like that.

I am aspiring fantasy and urban fantasy writer, so of course the only two scripts or books I’ve sold have been current day urban, and science based.  One is a film script about a psych experiment gone wrong, and one is a YA urban novel about choices.

I am also a hobby painter, landscapes, though I do wish to learn to paint portraits.  I have been in a couple of art shows, and had an offer on one painting.  Yay, me!

That’s enough for now.  🙂