Goodbye 2016! Hello better new year?

This was me last night, ready to go to a much anticipated party at a friend’s. I look forward to NYE at his house all year! Then BOOM, snowstorm. Blizzard. NOT the yummy kind with bits of cheesecake, either.


So we curled up in the comfy chairs and watched an Ice Age marathon, including the Christmas special.  And had a few drinks. And watched 2016 die on my 55″ TV. Not as satisfying as if I’d made it to the party, but not too shabby.

Actually, aside from a number of my favourite celebrities (whom I didn’t know in person) dying, and the Syrian war which I feel helpless and disappointed in humanity about, 2016 was pretty good to me.

I know, I should just cover my head and run now.

But… At Ad Astra last year, I got to meet and actually talk to one of my favourite authors. She basically gave me the courage to start sending my stuff out. I had a shit-ton of half-finished novels, completed short stories and poems, but never showed anyone anything.

So I started walking my talk, and changed my profile from “aspiring author” to WRITER.  I sent out stories, I pitched books, and I shook hands/ kissed babies.

And I won a short story competition which paid actual money (alright an amazon gift card, but I bought writing books, so it’s sorta money), 3 stories were published in anthologies, 2 YA/NA novels were self-published, and I am breathlessly awaiting a contract from a real publisher!

My marriage is strong, my friends are awesome, my Mom got married!  I blogged some, and got followers that I don’t even know, so they’re not obligated to read it. Nor are they expecting surprise quizzes on what I wrote last week.

Pretty good year.

So, if 2017 is supposed to be better than 2016, I got some work ahead of me.  More poetry, more novels, more pitching, more cookbooks….

Which brings me to New Year’s resolutions. Hate resolutions, one weak moment and you F.A.I.L.  I like New Years Goals. One weak moment, shrug it off, dust yourself off, and start again.

So, mine this year are all doable, if I keep myself focused and bear the main goal in mind. All these are just steps to being able to live off my earnings.  (WARNING: I write dark fantasy)

Goals for 2017:
Get website back up and running
Finish 2 novels and possibly other stuff *shiftyeyes*
Get contracts signed soonest
Post 1 or 3 happys for every depressing post I make on FB
Get back into the habit of healthy eating , no I don’t need more chocolate or pringles.
Get back into my writing process/schedule
Deepen my religious practice, figure out who to sacrifice to pay the blood-debt of 2016.
Clean my frigging house! Purge the crap!

What are your goals, writing or otherwise?

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