My last film

As you may or may not know, dear readers… I am also a film-maker. Low-budget, independent, first step for new actors and crew… films.

Well, my last two films are likely to be my LAST films. The chronic pain in my back and hips is not conducive to 16 hour days. Even with a friend whose only job is to make me sit down, I was in tears from the pain by the end of every day.

The one closest to completion is Reliving Marilyn, an intimate look at the woman behind the legend. Painstakingly researched, vetted by experts in Marilyn Monroe’s life, and thisclose to finished.

We are holding an Indigogo campaign to raise the funds for for finishing the last 10%. Go to the page to see the trailers, photos etc. The film is visually stunning.

“Completing the film is just the beginning of the journey. We need your help to cover our final sound mix, festival submission costs, marketing costs, Errors and Omission insurance, without which, we cannot distribute the film.

Distribution deliverables, licensing fees for one Marilyn Monroe song , and something for our hard working crew which have been volunteering to help make  Reliving Marilyn a reality.”

We expect it to be in several film festivals before going on a limited theatrical run, and DVD sales. Many of the perks include Advance release copies of the DVD.



The other film is a medieval semi-historical-semi-post-apocalyptic story of a group of people living in a village, several generations after a nuclear war. It is also totally filmed, it just needs an editor. And a sound editor. (contact me if interested, but be aware, cost is a big issue)

It was filmed in the log cabin and rambling acres of a local  Pagan Priestess. And appropriately enough, I called it Our Pagan Heart.

It stars local actors and story-tellers, some who have gone on to many more projects. At this time, they were all volunteers, but some have been on Sons of Anarchy, and other local films including those by Brian Lutes.

The film is about 78 minutes long, separated into 9 mini-stories, each centered around a Pagan holiday. The story is also the overall tale of a year in the life of this villages, including marriages, deaths, and battles, both between personalities and between other villages.

Comment if you are interested in helping out, or helping pay for a good editor.



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