The day the buses tried to kill me.

Well, not really, but they did screw with my back and up my pain for 2 days.

You see, it started off simply enough, I had an appt at the hospital for an MRI. One of the ones with contrast, so you needed to be there 1/2 hour early to get the IV put in and stuff. And the MRI machines are booked back to back 24/7. So you really can’t be late.

Should have been easy. Appt at 320, 2 buses, leave at 130, get there by 230, 20 minutes to find my way there.

Should. Have. Been.

Now, remember the big sinkhole a couple blocks from Parliament Hill? Well, it broke through, or another one popped up a few weeks after they “fixed” it. So they closed 2 blocks of Rideau St. to really fix it.

The 2 blocks where all the buses go to let you switch from one bus to another. So I was let off over a block from the mall. (The mall is also undergoing massive renovations to upscale the whole thing to match Nordstroms. So the new hallways don’t go where the old ones did)

I looked for a sign to tell me where to go to get my next bus, because a sign would have been really useful and a smart thing to do.

I didn’t find one. So I asked a bored McDonald’s employee who was out for a smoke where to get the 14 Carlington bus. He said they were all rerouted to the Mackenzie- King bridge, on the other side of a city block sized mall.  Great.

So I skirted all the fences and piles of broken concrete looking for a way into the mall. Found one where I didn’t remember there being one before, but figured that all the road work threw off my sense of distance and shit.

No, it actually was a new door, where the bus stop used to be. Does this mean the buses won’t go there anymore? Who knows. Since I normally can walk about 1/2 a block before my back starts screaming and I’d just walked 2 blocks, who cares about future buses?

I was instantly lost. Last time I was in this mall, this was a drug store, now it’s a hallway leading left, away from where the old hall was. There was a new escalator, too, taking me up a flight to still not where I wanted to be.

I decided to go to the 3rd floor, then look for signs to get to the bridge. That mostly worked, but now instead of 3 distinct floors, the mall has several semi-floors, 2 level floors, like a 60’s bachelor pad.

I finally got to where I figured the door to the bridge-bus stop would be. There was a sign telling me how to get to the new bridge-bus entrance, and a map of where each bus was now stopping.

Hallelujah! Except… the 14 wasn’t listed on the bridge, it was back the way I’d come, 2 blocks in the opposite direction from the mall, on the other side of the street.

My back ached, my left leg was numb from ankle to hip and I had to retrace my steps through 3 floors of mall and then walk 2 blocks. I could have cried, but you really don’t blow off an MRI appt, so I turned around and tried to hurry.

I was no longer early, now I was trying to just be on time.

I got to the second block in time to see my “just get there on time” bus pull away.

I finally made it to the bus stop, nearly in tears, right leg threatening to fall out from under me at every step. Then every bus on the sign went by except the 14. Of course.

Finally, getting on bus. I look so wiped that the driver stopped the bus to make sure I was okay. He looked really dubious at my explanation of just being tired, but he did drive on.

Turns out the bust station map was wrong, the bus did go by the bridge, and I could’ve caught the earlier bus there.  Arrrgh!

Then! Then he had to stop 10 minutes later because he was running ahead of schedule. NOOOOO….

I was finally there, again, road crews, bus stop a block away from where I need to be. I immediately went looking for a wheelchair, the MRI section was as far from where I was as it could be and still be in the same building.

But at long last, despite a snarky nurse because I was now late, and a tech who wanted to discuss Trump… I was there, ready to go, and…

And the machine errored out. Cannot. F’ing. Believe. This. Day.

When I finally was done and ready to leave (At 530 after a 320 appt) My sweet man was waiting just outside the MRI door.

I do love him! He made supper. *

*these 2 statements are not related. Honest.L Stewart



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