Sideways snow and other Spring moments

As I sit here, arthritis and migraine in full swing, I think… “At least it’s Spring”.  Because it has to be damp and changing air pressure to hurt this bad, right?

But the window proves me wrong. Or proves that old adage “In like a lion out like a lamb” wrong… BECAUSE… it is snowing sideways.  I sit here, watching the pine and birch trees sway, and the snow going straight across the window. Side to side, no downwards momentum. And I can’t see anything past the tree line but white.  No neighbouring farms, no flashing lights at the town’s one and only crossroad. Nothing but white, blowing snow.snow 080308-3  My Winnebago, 10 feet from the porch.

This calls for coffee!  And no driving anywhere!  I declare this a PJ day.  I write from home, I can do that.

And crockpot chicken, just toss it all in there and ignore it.  My kinda cooking today.  I think I’ll make….

Lime Sriracha chicken? (page 39 of my Fresh and Homemade Asian cookbook) or Coconut Chicken Curry (page 30 on my Indian cookbook)?  Both can easily be tossed in the crockpot and ignored. At least, as well as you can ignore them with how awesome they smell.

Or I could just whimper until the love of my life makes food….

He is also home because the weather channel keeps changing when and how bad this storm will be.  All we need is the world to end in ice and snow, and him 60km away.


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