FastPencil, Googledocs, Scrivenor and more

I’ve been inundated with writing and publishing platforms since publishing A Test of Loyalty last summer.  I already had Scrivenor from doing Nanowrimo a couple years ago. But now there’s FastPencil, which allows you to output in epub and mobi to sell off your website, or give out as ARCs.

There’s also Pronoun, Smashwords, and now… Google Docs to write and publish with.  And google docs let you record voice to text. Which sounds great for those days my brain is working way too fast for my fingers to keep up.

So, I’m normally published through Pronoun for Kindle, Sony and Kobo. And Smashwords does the lesser known formats. Createspace does print on demand for paperbacks.

I write in Scrivenor, which was the best $20 ever spent!  (Normally $40, you get 50% off for winning Nano).  But now I’m spending as much time looking at new platforms as I am writing and editing!

Today I’m playing with FastPencil to edit Alone in the Night (Book 2: Mechanicsville). It allows me to divide the chapters into titled sections… I think. I haven’t exported yet, I’m still copy/pasting into the blank pages, and developing my index.  we’ll see tomorrow.

I also want to know more about the Google option. While I am now a bit afraid of Google and Kindle forming a partnership to take over the world… I am interested in the voice to text and then publish.  How would I edit?  If I speak my changes, will it think I’m adding a new chapter.  That could be amusing.

And my annual spring migraine isn’t helping.  Granted, it’s not bad yet because there’s still snow on the ground, but the weather is swinging from blizzards last Tuesday to +10 today. This releases mold into the air (my allergy which causes instant migraines) as well as just the swings in air pressure.

So I’m good for only about half the workday before the pain makes me quit.  Oh, the agonies of being an artist!  LOL

Although the migraine’s no joke. Aside from the ultra-sensitivity to light and noise, the dizziness and nausea, I get what I call nasal hallucinations.  I smell things; like today is smoke.  I’m spending every break sniffing my house to be sure it’s not on fire.

Stoopid migraine, why can’t I smell roses, or lilacs?  Instead I smell smoke the most often, brightened occasionally by dead mouse, stinky feet or cat poop.  None of which actually are around at the time, annoying my friends and befuddling strangers.

Maybe I should write an amusing story about a psychic who solves crimes by phantom smells?  Wait… hmm…..

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