Breakdown over, we now return you to your “normal” reading…

Last week, I had a major 4 day migraine from the storm that dumped nearly 52 centimeters of snow on us in 24 hours. Then kept snowing off and on all week. That’s about 2 feet for my American cousins.

Part of the migraine was my eyes not quite focusing and my head hurting every time I concentrated. (I also smelled dead mice and dirty feet, but that’s not relevant to the story) What this meant in practical, getting shit done terms was that… well. I couldn’t.

The computer hurt my head, concentrating hurt my head, turning on the light hurt my head…. so of course, I tried to design my cookbook covers.

And utterly failed.  So. Much. Fail.

Fortunately, I have amazing and talented friends, who rode to my rescue with new covers, and adjusted them to the formats needed by Createspace, Kindle, Smashwords, etc…

12722017_10153215051681568_1421391997_n          12746402_10153215017296568_1128820963_n


These awesome covers were designed by Fiona at  She’s easy to work with, fast and really, really good at making sense of my artistic blathering! I cannot recommend her enough.  (book covers, posters, business cards… bookmarks?)

I’m definitely getting her to do the covers for the next 3 cookbooks; African, Celtic and for large gatherings.  (anybody know a good word for that?) And maybe crockpot specific recipes….

Little does she know, that I know she makes maps! My epic fantasy novel will have a map of the 13 territories…..  Guess who’s going to be made to read the book and help draw the stupid thing?

In the meantime, with another big storm in the forecast, I’m hunkering down with a new Anne Bishop book, and my recipe files for the Indian cookbook.  It must all match the earlier Asian cookbook in look, style, format….  But oddly, it takes little concentration.


2 thoughts on “Breakdown over, we now return you to your “normal” reading…”

  1. I like them; they look fresh and good. Could the word simple go in there someplace? people like simple when it comes to home-made. Does your Fiona make computer-generated wedding invitations? they would have to be printed; almost all my friends and relatives are NOT comp. literate. And have you written any simple gluten-free recipes? I cant deal with all those recipes that take a chemistry degree and ingredients to match. I’m getting too old.


    1. I can ask her. She’s a close friend so if she can, she will.
      And the recipes are pretty simple. And all are gluten free. I’ll send you the actual recipe if you want any. My mom doesn’t have to buy my books. Lol
      If you look up the book on, it’ll let you sample it. The sample includes the contents page, so you can see what’s in them.


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