Mental breakdowns over book covers…

That’s normal, right?

I have self published a cookbook on Asian cooking, fresh, simple and home-made, no store-bought sauces.  I am trying to do a series of different cuisines, because that’s what I make at home. Every day.

Asian cookbook cover signature        cover 2

My next one is Indian cooking, because we live on curries from the crockpot. And my butter chicken is becoming famous among my friends. Also planned are Celtic (like haggis and oat-flour shortbread), African (like berbere, and Moroccan chicken), and cooking for potlucks.  But I have a major problem.

Not the recipes, or the home made spice blends, or even the links to find specific ethnic ingredients… my problem is… well, okay one problem is that I suck at designing covers and can’t afford a designer until I sell enough copies to pay for making it.

Which leads to my other problem/ question: why is nobody buying the Asian cookbook that’s already out?  It’s on Amazon, Kobo, Sony, ibooks…  Dozens of people asked me to make a cookbook… not. one. sold.

I looked at Asian cookbooks that are selling, and my cover is certainly similar.

Depressing, and off-putting.  Certainly makes me reluctant to pay for a cover design.

So, I make my own, and get feedback. Resulting in SIX covers for the Indian cookbook, and I am rapidly starting to hate them all. I need the lettering to stand out more, I’d like it bigger, but then it wouldn’t fit on the cover. But the way it is now, you can’t read it in a thumbnail.

Of course, if I knew how to do more than poke at Photoshop, they might be nicer looking. Then I might find out how to outline the letters. Or fade out the background.

2 thoughts on “Mental breakdowns over book covers…”

  1. Um, okay — some food for thought (sorry):

    1. The cover photos you’re using show ingredients. I suspect people are more interested in the finished product. If your best dish is a curry then let’s see a plate full of curry.

    2. The cover titles also look like you’re trying to market the cookbooks as a series, with your name on it. If that’s the case, then you might consider using photos of yourself, with your finished dish that appears in each book.


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