Book release today!!

I’m a day late, again…( maybe I should just decide on Tuesday and Friday instead of Mon and Thurs?) But this time I have a good excuse, reason… I was online fighting my way through the formatting of my COOKBOOK!

Asian cookbook cover

Fresh and Home-made Asian is the way I cook at home a lot of the time. Real food! Easy recipes that taste like company cooking. Vegetable heavy, nutritious and low bad-stuff! It’s the first in a series of 5 “Fresh and Home-made” cookbooks; Indian, African, Celtic and Large groups are still to be done. Soon those who buy my spices will be able to buy the cookbooks and make the spices themselves.

This cookbook is now available at  and It has 5 recipes for my own spice mixes including Sweet Yellow Curry, Red curry paste and Five Spice.  It also has 24 recipes for chicken, duck, beef, soup, noodles, etc.

It has my mom’s favourite restaurant meal: Singapore Noodles!  And my sweeties fave curry: Massaman Beef.  Also Thai coconut chicken soup, Vietnamese Pho and more!

I’m looking for reviewers, so if you’re willing to post a review, I’ll send you a free Word version of the cookbook.  Contact me at

And as a treat for my regular readers, Jamieson Wolf  will be here in the next few weeks as a guest blogger. I always love his poetry, and the story of what inspired it.

Jamieson has guested here several times in the past, and always shares something beautiful. This time it’s for his new poetry collection; Dancing with the Flame. the third book in a series which includes Talking to the Sky and Talking with the Earth.


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