Great deeds and great pain go together…

Like , um… bread and grain?

Yesterday was a day of meetings. Doctor appointment, coffee with a friend, grocery run, counseling another friend, friends for supper and a seminar on self-publishing options at night.

I walked over 6000 steps.  OMG, am I in pain today. I normally walk about 2k steps. With many sitting breaks and painkillers.  Not yesterday. the doctor was to refill prescriptions.

And before anybody points out that “they” recommend walking 10k steps a day, and I’ve got no right to whine…


And 2 broken ribs that healed badly. But mostly the crushed vertebra.  They are at the small of my back, just where the butterfly wings of nerves come out of the spinal cord to control your legs. So when my back is having a bad day, I can go numb below the break and fall without warning. Even on a good day I can’t stand for more than 10 minutes at a time, or sit for much more than an hour without my back seizing up and pain rocketing from hip to ankle.

My usual maximum is 5000 steps, so by supper (not by the last meeting) I was in tears from pain. I had to get people to fetch things for me, every time I shifted my back, I got a white-hot stab of pain from hip to skull.

And then, of course because my body’s a jerk, I couldn’t sleep for the pain.  Today will be fun. Expect shoes in the fridge.

But the workshop on publishing was worth it!  several pages of notes on layout, sizes, fonts, local printers, Fic vs non-fic requirements, how to get on Chapters and library lists…

So, today is spent doing the layout of A Test of Loyalty and my cookbook, and trying to figure out how to preset these things in Scrivenor.

And making pumpkin masala and curry noodles, because the next cookbook is Indian food!


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