The pause between breaths

That small, perfect moment after breathing out before you dare breathe in again.

A Test of Loyalty was reviewed by Apartment613 yesterday. I’ll admit, thrilled as I was to see the review posted on facebook, I was terrified of reading it. What if they hated it? These people review “real” authors!

But, I had to know, and it wasn’t like I could stop everyone else from reading it…. so I held my breath, and clicked on the link.

They liked it! They really liked it!

I don’t know if I was more excited or relieved, but it was a test of how long I could hold my breath.  LOL

Other news, I’m taking a 90 minute course by Nanowrimo on how to edit your 30 day novel, because… well, the reasons are obvious.  Mostly because I printed out the index card summary from Scrivenor, and now have no idea how to make it make sense.  And I need to cut 15-20k words instead of expanding the scenes that seem too short.

Maybe I’ll give the assassin’s guild their own 50k novella.

And soon my first review FOR Apt613 will be submitted, Human by SM Carriere.  I have already received the second book, so I must hurry to finish the first. It’s a good sign that I keep forgetting to take notes because I’m caught up in the story, right?


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