Nose to the grindstone.

Sorry, I’m late, dear readers. I’m working hard on draft 2 of Nets to Catch the Wind, and setting up my cover shoot for Morganna’s Story. And cooking/ freezing 20 squash because the mice discovered my storage.
Draft 2 has been put all into the same font, same type size, and hopefully the right order. But I have my doubts about the last bit. I totally confused myself during the battle.
So I’m trying to do a timeline. Who did what and when. Sounds simple, should only take a couple hours, right?
Bah hah hah hah!

In good news, I now have both books that I’ll be reviewing for I’ve read Human once, and plan to read it a second time before writing the review. So far, I love it.

Also I will soon have Jameson Wolf back as a guest blogger, stumping the virtual book tour with his latest book of poems.

But for now, a cup of tea and a book are calling my name.


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