A different view of used books

Monday I published a link to Kristen Lamb’s blog on why you should buy your books new, mostly that the writer gets paid. Later, there was a huge online debate about her post (not mine, her original post).

“Over the past week the author blogosphere has been taken over with a debate on getting paid. Kristen Lamb sparked the discussion on  Tuesday when she wrote a post arguing that authors who want to make a living should only promote channels that get them paid, and that sparked a long debate on The Passive Voice as well as commentary on Teleread.”

From The Digital Reader.

In this article, they quote Neil Gaiman as saying that the fan is more important than the buyer, or words to that effect.  On further thought, I agree with him.  While Kristen still has the valid point that writers make very little of the cover price, and it’s getting harder to make any real money to live on… Neil is also right. Free books, used books, shared books, libraries… they create new fans, or supply your book to a fan who can’t afford $33.95 right now, but may very well buy the book later.

Or may write you a fan letter that astonishes you. Or lends the book to someone who goes nuts buying your backlist. Or something. So, yeah.

But I still need more reviews, so maybe thank writers for their works you read or free by reviewing them on Amazon?

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