Happy Holidays!

Happy Yule, Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Christmas… whatever you celebrate, may it be a happy time of family and feasting!

And I have another big announcement!

I now have an author website!  It’s got a “buy now” link to Amazon (with the old cover until they update it), plus links to Smashwords, and all the other platforms like Kobo, ibooks, etc will be up as the book goes live on their sites.  Any time between one and ten business days. So check back if your preferred book format isn’t up yet.

I’m so excited!  And having a really hard time being on vacation until Jan 3.  I’ve redone my cover, made a website, uploaded the book to several platforms (each of which needed reformatting)…

I’ve also started putting up preliminary covers for the novels I’m working on that are at least a first draft stage. this should get me eager to finish them.

I guess I need to wrap presents and bake Yule goodies to start feeling the season.  of course, the new grass and budding trees don’t help. We usually have snow up to our knees by now.  My yard must think we live in Australia this year.

So, I’m off to quickly wrap and bake. Because tomorrow is the family get together, and they’re likely to be unimpressed with plastic bags.


One thought on “Happy Holidays!”

  1. Best of the season to you and the family. Here in the desert we have learned to enjoy Christmas without snow. Someday you and Jim should join us for some winter sunshine.


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