Nanawrimo is done!

My certificate

So, Nano is over for another year.  I won for the third time out of five tries!  Go me!

This year I wrote Draft 0 of the second book in the Mechanicsville series; Alone in the Night. (first book available at .CA and .COM, .UK) I call it draft 0 because I don’t guarantee that it makes any sense at all. It can be out of order, the scenes don’t always carry forward from where I left it, they may contradict each other, etc.  But it has all of my character moments, a basic plot, etc…  I will do my first rewrite to make it make a basic kind of sense, and call that draft 1.

I discovered a few things. Like after ten years of writing stories and films, I have a process. A method, a schedule that works!  Shit, if I’d had it ten years ago, I’d be Stephen King by now.

I do regular things over coffee when I get up, like run the dishwasher if I forgot to before bed. I put in a load of laundry if needed, put supper in the crockpot…

After 10am, I do internet stuff: blogs, research, Facebook, etc. My internet is turned off between noon and six, which is my best creative time, so I write without much distraction. No Facebook, no chat, no email..

Although my cell is still on in case there’s an emergency. And I get up every 500 words to change laundry loads, get the mail, whatever. Just move!

I can average 2500 words a day this way, although I need at least one day a week off or my brain melts. I even got two 4000 word days during Nano. Shocked me!

I have made a list of what books i want to do, more or less in order, and noted what needs to be researched or done ASAP before starting to write. It’s a loooong list.

I better get writing!


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