Book sales and things to ponder

So, about 8 people bought my book within the first couple days of its release. It’s hard to tell exactly with the kindle unlimited, because it shows pages read, not books sold.

Since then, nothing.  Not one.  Sigh.  I hate marketing, why aren’t there marketing fairies?

I now have 50 paperbacks in my kitchen, about 10 are on hold for people who say they want them.  I’ll likely sign them, wow, the only people to buy my book!  You get a thank you!

Of course, the marketing took second place to our water pump dying, so we had no running water for a couple days. No laundry, no canning although I have apples, grape jelly, tomatoes….  but no water for the water bath canner.  Not much of a bath with no water!

Which brings up… no shower!

So, yesterday from 11-4 the house was filled with plumbers.  Well, only two, but they were big. And busy.  And everywhere: basement, kitchen, yard, well house….

So, nothing got done, because my dearest love got home from work within minutes of the plumbers leaving.  It would have made a great opening for a romantic comedy.  But in real life it meant laundry, supper preps, discussing the cost of all the plumbers…

So, I need to sell books.  Or give them away to get more reviews to convince people to buy my book.  I’m listening to webinars on marketing books (90% are for how-to books) and it takes all day.  Which means no writing done that day.

And I have a lot of books screaming to get out!  It’s scary in my head, especially when the vampire from one series wants to get it on with the elf from a completely different series!




So, I think I’ll do a small giveaway.  If you are in my target market (13-16 yrs old) or have kids, nieces, cousins, etc in the target market…. contact me at my writer’s FB page, or the book’s FB page,  with your email address, and in return for an honest review, I’ll send you a copy.


2 thoughts on “Book sales and things to ponder”

    1. I don’t think A test of Loyalty would work as a children’s book. It’s Young Adult/ New Adult because of themes of sex, assault, terrorism, drugs, etc. It’s pretty dark.
      But i would be happy to review your book.


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