Tidying up because I’m confusing myself


This is my brain right now.  seriously!  I ended up with three versions of the book, all with different covers, at two different prices.  No idea what was going on.

But I was getting sales… and no, Amazon doesn’t tell me from which version. So I’m really hoping that nobody who bought the old versions loses their copy, but I just unpublished two versions.  And that is totally a word, Amazon says so.

I loved the cover of the first one, a girl all alone on a school bus, it perfectly captured one of my themes.  But I couldn’t copy it to the paperback. And the paperback options were ugly, stupid, or plain.  I chose plain.


I just realized that how to see which version they bought, and Everyone who’d bought one bought an old version, so I reinstated the most likely to have been purchased one, changing the cover to the same as the other one.  I realize that this may add to the confusion, but at least everyone gets the same cover. Right?

And now I just realized that 4 of the 5 purchased were with the cover showing the little girl.  Frak! How do I get that cover onto the paperback?

Ok, once more into the breach, dear friends… and if your paid for copy just disappeared, let me know, I’ll email you one.


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