My book is released in Kindle!

It still has 2 covers, and I haven’t figured out how to put up an excerpt, or a sneak peek, or whatever…. And I should, because of the language…  And 2 prices, again I can’t figure out why.

A_Test_of_Loyalty_Cover_for_Kindlejpg“>Version 1 at $2.25

cover Test of Loyalties“>Version 2 at $2.99

I shall work on that while waiting for the paperback (trade size) copy to become available.

BUT the point of this KDP experiment is to see how many books Amazon sells vs how many I sell.  I will grant that the replication of covers is getting confusing, but I’ll count it as me only if you comment or write me to tell me you bought it. You can even buy the cheaper one, consider it a participation bonus.

And as all other authors before; please post a review!, .com, Goodreads, Smashwords… anywhere.


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