My first review is in!


Ms. Stewart’s book is set in the heart of Ottawa and is about the life journey of three different teenagers whose lives become enmeshed with each other. She takes us through the difficulties of fitting into a new community when your world crashes in, the harshness of the marginalized that live both on and off the street with a taste of what it is like to be considered an outcast. She introduces into this mix a disillusioned young man who is fighting to figure out his own identity.

I am impressed with the life likeness of her characters, how she draws into not only their surroundings but the inner workings of their minds. She explores a culture that most people never see let alone experience. Mechanicsville: A Test of Loyalty is a well written story that kept me engaged and hooked. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good story and cannot wait for the release of book 2.

Ken Byars”

Ok, maybe I can breathe while waiting for the others?

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