To go with Amazon KDP or not….

I’m conducting an experiment.

Not looking for guinea pigs… well, yes, I kind of am, but not related to the cookbook, unfortunately.

I am experimenting with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, and their exclusivity deals to see if it means better sales.  Basically, you give them 90 days exclusive rights to both ebook and paper book, and they promote your book in site searches.

I have been updating a driving education research book on cellphones.  With all the new laws about distracted driving since 2011, it was time.  This is the perfect opportunity to test the new KDP features, including print books through Createspace.

The old version was #315 in drivers’ education.  Let’s see if the new one does better.

Shouldn’t be hard to beat some of those figures. I’m hoping to have the updated version, with all new stats and shit, up by Monday.  I’ll be needing a couple of reviewers to get it onto Amazon’s radar.  It won’t take long, although it is statistic heavy because it’s an education manual, not a novel, it’s only about 26 pages.  Double-spaced, even.

Though Amazon shows it at 46 pages because of the 6X9 formatting, added blank pages, etc

It’s live now.



Anybody want a free copy to review?  Anybody want to buy one to get this party started?


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