To publish, or not to publish….

A cookbook, that is….

As most of you know, I spent years learning to make most things from scratch due to a collapsed immune system and wheat allergies.  You would not believe what has wheat in it, that has absolutely no need for it!

So I make my own spice mixes, because I was not giving up my Asian food.  Or Indian food.  Or Mexican food.  Or…. well, you get the idea.

A lot of my friends and family were asking for bottles of my spices as presents, so I figured… why not sell them?  Not sell them their own birthday present, of course, but at flea markets, craft fairs, etc.

I found out why not; no-one wants to pay a premium for something hand-made, clean, pure, etc… when they can get the No-Name shit from China for 1/3 the price.  Except at festivals, I sell best at pagany events, where clean eating, no fillers/ preservatives, and knowing what’s in your food is considering a priority.

I currently have about $2000 in raw materials upstairs, or about $6000 in finished goods.  I’ve eaten some, gave some to my niece, and am probably giving more in gift baskets to charities to auction off.

I will likely still sell at festivals and stuff, but only the ones I’m going to anyway.  I lost too much money this year.  So… what to do, since I’ve been denied disability, even though the government agrees I’m disabled.  I can’t work, one day on my feet knocks me out for 3 days.


When I asked the question “What do I do now?” of the Facebook hivemind, one answer was to write a cookbook, sell my recipes, not the spices.

So, I’m curious; is anyone interested in a cookbook with recipes for the spices, and recipes for each spice for the slow-cooker? (which is how I usually use it, I love my slow-cooker); would you rather I find a way to sell through this blog? (I tried Etsy, but 2 sales in 2 years is not encouraging).

How about Email only? Facebook store?

What about instant meals in jars?  (lentils, rice, dried veggies, spices)  I would buy either fresh veggies in season, or fresh-frozen ones where the only ingredient is the veggie.  And my own spices, of course.


Please tell me what you think.


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