Gardening, sustainability, and permaculture.

So… it’s finally spring, and with the warmer weather comes gardening and yard chores.
One thing about being a green witch,  the growing things always get a mind of their own.
This year the irises are making a break for the ditch.   They’ve somehow moved out of the raised flower bed and and are in the yard,  in a line angling across to the side ditch.  So we can’t run the ride – on lawn mower on that side of the house.


It’s time to move the Jerusalem artichokes and thin the strawberries, if it ever stops raining on my helpers day off.
And as for the baby plants I’ve been nursing since late Feb. ..
I deliberately timed waves of seeding counting weeks backwards from the last expected frost date.  So, every 2 weeks, I plant another bunch of seeds.


So I have plants of every size on a table in the living room with grow lights.   I must admit, I’m a bit disappointed the local cops never raid me as a grow op.  Their expression would be priceless.


Now I’m transferring small plants from peat pots to Timmies extra large cups. I’m all for sustainable and permaculture practice in gardening . Especially if it saves work and pain.


Depending on when you started following my blog and ramblings, you may not be aware that I have 2 crushed vertebrae.   And constant, uncureable pain.  So anything that means I have to do less work bent over a table or a garden bed is golden.
Timmies extra large cups seem designed for baby tomatoes.   Tall and narrow, they allow you to bury the seedling deep in dirt, which gives tomatoes an amazing root system.   And the waxed sides let the plant just slide out when it’s time to put them in the beds.
The beautiful raised beds my hubby made fir me.  (Wasn’t there an old song about that? )


It also allows me to reuse the cups for a year or 3 before recycling them.  The same way I reuse peat pots that don’t sprout.  I just dry them out and back in the box for next year.   That way I buy far fewer boxes of peat pellets.
I am a bit worried about the snow and freezing rain we had on April 25th.  Will I still be planting the garden on May 24th?  A scant month later?  I guess only time will tell.
And me.  I’ll tell you right after I figure it out.   Any of you want to trade garden labour for organic veggies?


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