Review of A. I. Chronicles

The A.I. ChroniclesThe A.I. Chronicles by Samuel Peralta
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The A.I. Chronicles, an anthology of science fiction
edited by Ellen Campbell
There’s a meme on FaceBook; “I’ll go to bed as soon as I read one more chapter… oh look! Another chapter.” This is that book, except it’s short stories.
I knew that I would like the book, I love science fiction, I loved Asimov’s robot series. But I don’t usually like short stories, I like to get inside a story and crawl around, make myself at home. Short stories are… well, short.
But, this book was amazing. Literally, and I was an English major, so I mean literally.
The stories pull you in fast, and manage, in a few short pages, to scare you, enthrall you, and make you glare suspiciously at your smart phone. Especially the Syntax of Consciousness by Pavarti K. Tyler, and Left Foot on a Blind Man by Julie Czerneda. I may never trust my MP3 player again.
All this to say; this is an excellent compilation, go buy it. Now.

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