A poem just for us… I think…

Last week the Faboosh Jamieson Wolf was a guest blogger here.  His writing is always so deep and heartfelt. I love it when he writes a blog just for me, but I’m greedy, I wanted more.  More!


And he gave it to me.  🙂

No, mom, not because I scared him…. I think…

But either way, he sent long a poem that ties to the theme of his guest post last Thursday.  Exclusive for me/ us, until his next book comes out.  But in the meantime, who doesn’t love a man who respects and adores his mother?

The Voice of Inspiration

(Jamieson Wolf)


* Dedicated to my Wonder Mum, who said the words that shone through the water.


You should only write if you’re inspired.

Her voice was

a balm to me.

She was

my touchstone, my

rock. I thought

of what she

said, of her

wisdom. I thought

of the endless

nights I had

spent trying to

see through the

fog that engulfed

me, of the

frustration of looking

at a blank

screen. It mocked

me like an

unblinking eye. I

tried to give

words to what

I was feeling.

I’m a writer. I can’t be a writer if I don’t write.

Her voice became

softer. It was

the voice I

always called to

mind when I

imagined her speaking

to me. Hearing

it was no

different. It was

instantly, incredibly comforting:

You will always be a writer, whether or not you’re writing. It’s in you, it’s what you do. It’s who you are. Let the words come on their own. They will come when they are ready.

I carried her

words home with

me, as if

they had a

physical form. When

I got home,

I was weighed

down. I put

my hands in

my pockets and

found they were

full of stones.

Each stone had

a word painted

on one side

in metallic paint

that looked like

water. I let

the stones fall

where they would

onto the floor.

Everywhere a stone

fell, water began

to spread from

beneath it, until

my floor was

covered in water

as deep as

an ocean. I looked

at all the

words shining from

underneath the waves.

Now that I

was no longer

weighed down by

them, it was

time to swim

into the water

and see what

the words had

to say to


talking Earth 2             1800816_10153785531875702_1536030081_n

OOps, turns out that it’s not new and exclusive.  The blog entry was, but the poem is from Talking With the earth.  My mistake.  (I still love it.)


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