Guest blogger on Thursday

As you know, I’m so thrilled for my friend Jamieson Wolf on the release of his newest book of poems, “Talking to the Earth“.   (and the USA listing)  ((available in Kindle and softcover trade paperback))

talking Earth 2

Where his last book, “Talking to the Sky” was a look at loss and rebirth, this collection is an ode to the human spirit, and its ability to rise above ourselves.  And to the healing power of love.

And Thursday, Jamieson will be guest blogging here.  And Monday, I’ll share a poem written exclusively for this blog!  (of course, I expect that after I get to premiere it, he’ll share it with his other fans, but I got it first!)

It’s a sweet poem, for his Mom, who is a constant support and inspiration to him.  You gotta love a man who respects his mother.


Oh, I also tagged this Tarot, because the multifaceted Jamieson is also a professional tarot reader.  He has a Thursday night gig at a local shop, and a Facebook page, Tarot with the Wolf.  Ask and he may be able to do a reading long distance.


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