Talking with the Wolf

My friend, Jamieson Wolf, (his blog) has a new poetry collection out, Talking with the Earth.  Or in the US.

talking earth

Where his last book, “Talking to the Sky” was about finding himself, and rebuilding after a devastating illness, this one is about love and life, and hope.

“Talking to the Earth” continues the vivid imagery and heartfelt insights that made his last book a number one best-seller on Amazon.

I vacillated between tears and pumping my fist in the air, so many of his words resonated with me.  Even though his love relationship is brand new, and mine is facing its twentieth year, his odes to his lover brought a tear to my eye and a heartfelt swelling of my soul.

So, as a treat for you, dear readers, I will be hosting Jamieson on his latest virtual book tour!  The date is yet to be firmed up, and here’s where you can help.

Do you want to see him write a blog post, exclusive to this blog, like last time?  Or do you want a Q&A?  And if so, what questions should I ask?

Loo at this honest ace?  You could probably ask him anything…..



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