Tarot of the Day: 6 of Keys

6 of keys

For some reason my blog won’t upload yesterday’s card.  How odd, it loads today’s.  (edit:  I had to reload the page, all fixed… huh, how ironic.)

Today’s tarot card is the 6 of Keys, it has bugs, small earthenware bowls, and a rather smug looking individual.

“The Six of Keys, sometimes called “experimentation”, represents the attempt to understand the world in a concrete way for concrete purposes. Unsurprisingly, it is strongly associated with science and the scientific method, but it also stands for any attempt to figure out what’s going on through trial and error.  This card is a reminder that in truth, every new idea is ultimately a discovery of some pre-existing aspect of the world; the solutions to all our problems are out there waiting for us, and all we have to do is find them.

Seen in a reading, the Six of Keys is usually a signal that you should approach some situation in a knowledge-seeking, rigorously experimental frame of mind. It may also constitute a suggestion that you turn to the results of experiments that have already been done – your own or someone else’s.”

This seems to go well with yesterday’s card, but leaves me a bit puzzled.  Does it mean that I need to keep researching battle scenes, even though I thought I was doing pretty good/  Should I get my hubby to write them?  lol

Maybe it means that I need to take a few days to read the battle of five armies, Gail Z Martin, and George RR Martin before attempting my climax?


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