Tarot of the day: Knight of Keys

I missed yesterday, it was a rough day.  Rough enough that I wish I’d missed the whole thing, not just the tarot card.  Cold, wet weather does that to me.  It’s the whole arthritis, crushed vertebra thing.

But on to happier things.. like boys in front of exploding towers.  Hand raised in victory, galloping away on a white horse.  Very promising.

“The Knight of Keys is going to fix EVERYTHING.  He is focused like a laser on some particular problem, or set of problems, and he has determined that he will provide the solution, no matter what the cost, that is his knightly quest. His enthusiasm spurs him on, and so he progresses with great energy and great speed – but that means that he may stumble, or travel far down the wrong path, if he isn’t careful, and he doesn’t receive guidance.  He is a supremely well-intentioned, and eager sort of person, and he has the intellect and drive to be of use in many different situations, but his single-mindedness can make it difficult to hold his attention.

Like all court cars, in a reading the Knight of Keys will often stand for a particular person known to the querant. He may be a helpful or generous son or brother, a maniacally dedicated worker, a visionary following a distant dream but working hard to make it real, a charitable donor, activist, or consultant.”

knight of keys

Well, this sounds remarkably like my hubby.  It sounds like a few of my friends, but most like my hubby, who is my biggest supporter, and I frequently need to remind him that I don’t need fixing, I just need listening to.  For a man with 6 sisters, that’s a hard one for him to hear.

It could be the part of me that always wants to make it myself.  Whether it’s real food, fermented teas or kimchee, or just figuring out a workable timeline…

And finding it hard to let go, regardless of the pain, the practicality, or the time.


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