Two cards, for the first time…

Today, 2 cards jumped out of the deck at me.  #38 The Mountain, and the Page of Keys.  I’m editing for brevity, for the full reading, buy the deck here.

The Mountain looks like, well… a mountain, with someone standing victorious at the top.  I recently saw the last of the Hobbit movies, I wonder if it’s related?

The page of Keys is a worried, or thoughtful, looking guy holding a small silver box. Or it could be a girl.  Or neither/ both.  I don’t judge.

So, the mountain was on top when they landed (ouch!) so I’ll take it as the first card.  Also, I had the Page before.  Interesting that it crops up again so soon

#38, the Mountain

“The Mountain is a symbol of triumph and success, and of the unalloyed drive that it takes to achieve those things.  You can scale the highest peak, you can raise your arms and shout your victory to the sky, you can be a legend.  You can certainly  make your dreams come true.

This is the first of three cards that comprise the “House Terrestrial”, similar to the classic “House Celestial” (The star, moon and sun).  Taken as a whole, it constitutes a victory lap for our errant fool, a chance for her to revel in the glory that comes with completing her many trials.  Also a chance to learn to be graceful in victory or success.

The mountain is probably the most straightforwardly positive, auspicious card in the deck. It suggests that someone, probably you, will be overwhelmingly successful in some endeavour related to the query. On a darker note, it has definite overtones of isolation, it is lonely at the top. “

38 the mountain

So, I’m doing better than I thought, which is a relief.  I bit the bullet and sent out a short story this weekend.  I’ve heard nothing back from my alpha readers, so I’m getting a little concerned.  But it seems a good thing that I enjoy my own company.

The Page of keys from “the New Tarot“.

The Page of Keys thinks that the world is a wonderful toy, like the puzzlebox she carries, and it is her way to tinker with it.  She loves nothing more than applying her prodigious intellect to problem solving tasks. .. Although she usually has no particular purpose or aim in mind and simply takes on the mental challenges for their own sake.  Big plans can wait, right now she just wants to see what she can learn and what she can do. Others sometimes find her cold or strange, but but in truth, she is simply less fond of messy social interactions, than she is of the crystal clarity of abstract thought. Likely she leaves a trail of brilliant ideas discarded carelessly behind her.

Like all court cards, when appearing in a reading, the Page of Keys will often stand for a particular person known to the querant;as a Page, she will probably be a young woman (whatever that may mean in context). She may be a responsible, emotionally self-sufficient daughter or sister, a woman who sees the world differently from everyone else, someone who pursues her interests wherever they may lead her, a lover of puzzles, games or mysteries, a calm and level-headed friend, a technician, designer, analyst, or student of the physical sciences.”

Page of Keys

Not much has changed in the last couple weeks, except that my cold is 90% over. And I actually got some writing done today.  So, I’ll take this as a reminder  that it’s all there, reach out, grab it, and write that little b@$t%&d down!

Together, they seem to say that I’m close, just finish it.  Keep up with the goals/ plans/ striving for what I want.


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