Monday’s tarot card: 27; The Duel

The Duel, not dual although it does show two people, shows an old fashioned man and a modern woman fighting with swords. They are in a hall, with suggestions of three statues watching them.

“The duel is a symbol of interpersonal conflict in all its many forms. Wherever there are two or more people, there will be struggle. Your interests, your desires, your ideals will be incompatible with those of others.This clash can be as simple as two monkeys wanting the same banana, or as complex and abstruse as divergent visions of the optimal society, but the same fundamental force underlies it all.  Sometimes the tension can be resolved through negotiation or compromise, but often it is too essentially intractable and there can only be a winner and a loser.  There can only be a duel.

This card comes at the climax of The New Tarot‘s initial narrative arc, it represents the fool’s first real trial, and it calls on every one of the lessons that she’s learned this far.  If she wants to make her way through a world filled with other people, no matter how reasonable or modest her aspirations may be, she will have to be ready to take on those who stand against her. Maybe she will have to fight on her own behalf. maybe she will have to fight on behalf of someone else.If she is unwilling to fight at all, then her hopes will be dashed, but it is not enough to fight, she must win! How else can she get what she wants, when the world is full of opponents who will be happy to take her dreams from her.

In a reading, The Duel suggests that you will be faced with a conflict of some kind. You may or may not be one of the principal combatants, but the nature of the fight and its outcome will be important to you. This card generally denotes some kind of crisis point, a situation where different results will lead to major and important changes. You would be wise to marshal your resources, develop your strategy, and prepare for the fallout.”

27 the duel

Hm, that’s not promising.My darling hubby was recently told that his contract will not be renewed, they’re putting out for bids.  Could easily be that, since this usually means they want someone cheaper, even if they’re idiots who will frig up the project.

Also interesting, is that the scenes I’m having the most trouble with are the ones leading up to and including the big battle/ climax of my book.

And then there’s the friends who cancelled dinner plans after I cooked all day…. LOL.


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