Today’s Tarot: 7 of Keys

This is the second keys card, and again features a monk.  No albino orangutan, though.  It looks like he’s making keys, could be promising.

“The seven of keys, sometimes called analysis, represents the evaluation of ideas and solutions. It’s easy to get caught up in the swirling foam of new projects and new possibilities, and it’s equally easy to cling to tools with which we’re comfortable and familiar,  but in the end rationality demands that we always ask the same basic questions: will this serve my goals? Does this actually work? Will the key help me open the box? Remember your purpose and follow it like a lodestar. Make use of the things that will help you, and discard the things that won’t.

Seen in a reading, this card serves as a reminder to think in a critical and goal oriented way. It may also indicate that you are unfairly judging something as good or bad, and that you should reconsider or seek a second opinion.”

7 of keys

So, stay critical, think rationally.  I am still researching how to write battle scenes, and figuring out the last 10% of my fantasy novel.  Mostly scenes for the war and to show time passing, as the book covers a year, more or less.


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