Tarot for the day, 4 of Masks

Today’s tarot is being posted late, I pulled it, then had a rush of inspiration, and wrote the first draft of a new short story.

So, at long last, here is the card reading from The New Tarot.

The 4 of Masks.

The Four of Masks, sometimes called Acceptance, represents the successful establishment of an identity. The four masked individuals are seeking to particular roles – they are, after all, actors – and the audience acknowledges them with applause and acclaim.This card is an indication that someone has successfully learned to wear a particular mask, to take on some particular role in life. (That mask is not necessarily a deception, although it can be it is simply  part to be played under certain circumstances)

In a reading the four of masks likely indicated that you can competently live up to the expectations of others in some regard. It may also indicate that you are being duped, or otherwise accepting something at face value that may have deeper truths to it.

4 of masks

So, apparently, I am succeeding.  I feel like I am deconstructing 1/2 my story, but that too is progress.  And I wrote the first draft of a short story today, it’s been bouncing around my head for a while, but now it’s on paper.

Soon I will have things out to readers, so will be looking for readers of medieval fantasy, and steampunk.  Two different stories, just FYI.


Skeptical cat says I’ve got everybody fooled, especially myself.


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