A tarot a day: #23 The Oracle

Today’s card from The New Tarot is #23, The Oracle.  I love the concept of an oracle.  An all-seeing, psychic. Magic and mystery!  Let’s see what the card says:

“The Oracle is a symbol of competence, planning, organization, and foresight. Achieving your dreams is always hard, but you can make it infinitely easier by approaching them in a thoughtful and sensible way: anticipate what will need to be accomplished, be aware of what resources you have at your disposal, and move forward with purpose, rather than rushing in blindly.  Ancient kings would give much, and endure much humiliation, to have an oracle reveal the future for them, and counsel them on the course of wisdom.  The least you can do for yourself is to use whatever wisdom and predictive arts you have at your own disposal. It’s always tempting to act without thinking, because action is easy and thinking can be very hard indeed, but the Oracle knows better and will tell you as much.

Tarot scholars will note the many visual and thematic similarities between this card and the High Priestess. That’s not an accident. Both the High Priestess and the Oracle are there to initiate you into your journey towards success, and to teach you how to make the most of the power you possess. When you’re trying to learn about yourself, that initiation involves acquiring a strong intuition, and a receptivity to wonder and mystery. When you’re trying to engage with the world, it involves acquiring the good sense not to make your work harder than it has to be.

Seen in a reading, the Oracle suggests that you should approach some particular facet of your situation in a methodical and measured way. Make lists.  Make a budget. Figure out how others are likely to react to what you do. Step back a moment and be as hardheadedly realistic as you can.Clear thinking can be more powerful than all the divination magic in the world.

the oracle

So this seems clear.  I’m having trouble with the last 10% of my novel, so get my head on straight and look at it logically.  Re-examine plot, character motives, etc.  And maybe think about where I want the series to go next?


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