Tarot card for today: 4 of Keys

A new suit for today.  Unsurprising, I’ve only just started.  🙂  But I am loving this deck.  It’s a sequel to the regular decks, with new meanings and new lessons.  After 20+ years reading tarot, I need a few new lessons.  🙂

The 4 of keys shows a monk with a belt full of keys, and an albino orangutan in a birdcage.  I can’t wait to see how this relates to my life.

“The four of keys, sometimes called Containment, represents that point in the development of an explosive new thing.In thought or word or deed, unchecked growth and momentum cannot last forever. Sometimes this card represents stagnation, but more often, it is a necessary and desirable thing, a moment of maturity. Sooner or later the situation must be judged from all angles, the nits must be picked, the pros must be weighed against the cons.  Eventually the rampaging ape must be put in his cage so that the clearheaded scholars can do their work.

Seen in a reading this card may indicate that an enterprise is soon likely to reach a point of slowdown and quiet, or that you should take a step back to contain the turmoil of you life and consider your problems dispassionately.”

4 of keys

So, it could be reflecting that this sinus infection I’ve had for the past 3 weeks is making it very hard to write, and my usual 1000/day word count is closer to 100.  Or it could mean that I’m having problems because I need to step back and take a god hard look at my structure or my themes.

I think that I’ll take one more day off writing, print out my timeline and my point form outline, and work on structure.


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