Tarot of the day: 34 The Contract

Today’s The New Tarot card kind of leaped from the deck.  So I guess it’s important. It’s my first Major Arcana, #34: the Contract.  Let’s hope that it’s literal, for me or hubby.

First thing I notice is the typo, it’s marked XXIV or 24.  I wonder if that’s relevant?

34 the contract

“The contract is a symbol of trade-offs, of self-definition, and of hard choices that cannot be revoked… and also of the confluences of interest that shape human society.  Sometimes, the opportunity and power come at a cost. Sometimes, in order to have any shot at getting what you want, you have to commit yourself in advance. Sometimes, other people are willing to help you, but only if you’re willing to give up something important of your own.  These are the lessons of the enigmatic Contract’s counterparty. You can choose to sign on the line or not, but either way, you’ll have to live with the consequences of what you’ve done, and so you might as well own the decision you make.

This card, taken as part of the Fool’s journey, is the first station of The New Tarot’s descent into the underworld. It begins the process of negotiating with, and learning to deal with, those powerful parts of society that cannot be handled on an entirely personal level.  If you want to achieve great dreams, eventually you will need the help of someone who won’t be your friend or ally, and you’ll have to cut a deal.Once you do that, though, you’re through the looking glass into a relatively scary part of your life. The next couple of Major Arcana explore what that means.

Seen in a reading XXXIV The Contract suggests tat a costly opportunity may lie in the foreseeable future, or perhaps that some aspect of your current situation has either hidden costs or hidden benefits that you’re not seeing. This card should always inspire the same two basic questions: “What deal am I being asked to make?” and “Is it worth it?”.  More specifically, it may represent an actual person-to-person bargain in which great reward is available in exchange for obligation or commitment.  It’s easy to read the figure on this card as a Mephistophelian tempter trying to get you to sign away your soul, and in some cases he is indeed that, but just as often he’s offering a once in a lifetime chance at a very reasonable price.  Ultimately, like so much of life, it’s a judgement call.”

So, this seems to tie directly into the first two days cards telling me to finish the damned book.  Perhaps, when I do, it will get me a contract with a traditional publishing house?


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