Tarot reading: Day 3

The Page of keys from “the New Tarot“.

The Page of Keys thinks that the world is a wonderful toy, like the puzzlebox she carries, and it is her way to tinker with it.  She loves nothing more than applying her prodigious intellect to problem solving tasks. .. Although she usually has no particular purpose or aim in mind and simply takes on the mental challenges for their own sake.  Big plans can wait, right now she just wants to see what she can learn and what she can do. Others sometimes find her cold or strange, but but in truth, she is simply less fond of messy social interactions, than she is of the crystal clarity of abstract thought. Likely she leaves a trail of brilliant ideas discarded carelessly behind her.

Like all court cards, when appearing in a reading, the Page of Keys will often stand for a particular person known to the querant;as a Page, she will probably be a young woman (whatever that may mean in context). She may be a responsible, emotionally self-sufficient daughter or sister, a woman who sees the world differently from everyone else, someone who pursues her interests wherever they may lead her, a lover of puzzles, games or mysteries, a calm and level-headed friend, a technician, designer, analyst, or student of the physical sciences.”

Page of Keys

Sooo…. self-sufficient, brilliant, loves mysteries… could be me… I don’t really feel over 25.  Except for my back, and frankly, they screwed up my surgery at 18, so it’s always felt old.

Not fond of messy social things, prefers being alone to think… yup.   Doesn’t finish big plans, leaves brilliant ideas in the dust…. yeah, that’s me.

So, I take this to say: yeah, you’re still coughing up a lung, and your nose is still running like a linebacker, but get your arse back to work on that novel before you forget the plot!

So, this is me… sniffling and hacking on my novel.


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