Today’s tarot card, lessons from the Universe

Today “The New Tarot” gave me the Queen of Tomes. Another tomes, huh…. think it’s trying to tell me something?

Queen of Tomes

The Queen of Tomes knows well that people are shaped by ideas, so she uses her own vast intellect to help those around her become the best people they can be.Those who consult with her find that they understand more than they did, and that the understanding has changed them.She is generally more interested in the abstract than in the concrete, and while her lessons do not fail to be useful in the short-term, they are crafted with an eye towards a grand vision of a more beautiful world. It is her self-appointed task to be a crucible of truth, transforming raw truths and idle concepts into the building blocks of personal and cultural growth.

Like all court cards, when appearing in a reading, the Queen of Tomes will often stand for a particular person known to the querant;as a Queen, she will probably be a mature woman (whatever that may mean in context). She may be a loving, sensitive mother, a woman who provides access to important information, or who dispenses life lessons, a person who maintains institutional or family memory, someone who inspires others to look at the world differently, a source of authoritarian wisdom, a librarian, a poet, a teacher, or a critic.?

Well.  A lot of this resonates with me. When I do a reading for a friend, the cards literally speak through me.  Often I don’t have any volition over the words I speak. Many have said that it made them see things differently.

And I am all about the abstract and grand vision.  Minutiae and concrete small steps are harder for me. A teacher, a poet, a writer?

As for family memory…. I have got the Family Tree Maker program and and have traced my family lines back to the Vikings, the Mongols, the crown heads of Europe.  Some as far as 400AD.

And life lessons?  LOL  My style of mothering is: did that hurt?  Was it stupid?  Are you going to do it again?  No sympathy!

So, what are these two clearly related cards saying to me?  (and, no, they are not saying to shuffle the deck, I do that.)  I think they are related directly to my book I am working on.  Basically telling me that I know what I’m doing, stop using research as a way to avoid writing the hard parts and just fecking write it!

Yessir, Mr. Universe, Sir!  Back to work.  As soon as the repair guy leaves.


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