Tarot reading: a card a day to your goals

Like Jamieson Wolf I want to start pulling tarot cards for the day. I will be using both my Robin Wood deck, and my new “The New Tarot” by Warren Tusk. (http://www.paracelsus-games.com/card-decks/)

Here’s my first one, the Knight of Tomes.
“The Knight of Tomes is a man on a mission, and his mission is to understand. Like all Knights, he embodies the most active elements of his suit; thus he is driven not only to acquire knowledge but to digest it and to contextualize it,

digest it and to contextualize it, to put every idea in its place until he can see the greater truth of things. Unlike many a Knight’s quest, this is not a task that can be rushed — what is learned in haste is, so often, learned wrongly. Thus he keeps to the slow and quiet places, letting his horse proceed at a gentle walk, keeping his concentration firmly on the text before him. There is no hurry. The mill of his mind grinds at what pace it will, but it grinds exceedingly small. He will get where he wishes to go.

Like all court cards, when appearing in a reading, the Knight of Tomes will often stand for a particular person known to the querant; as a Knight, he will probably be a “young” man (whatever that may mean in context). He may be a distant, dreamy son or brother; an intellectual colleague or correspondent; a person who pursues his own strange thoughts, or generally marches to the beat of his own drummer; a critical thinker who compulsively deconstructs what he reads and hears; someone dedicated to mastery of a particular narrow field; a philosopher, mathematician, journalist, or editor. “

So, this likely has to do with my writing, my writing friends, or my writing meeting last night. I must think on it.

But since it is the suite of tomes, or books, it certainly seems pointed.  My NYE goals (see previous post on resolutions) are mainly writing oriented, so for the first card I pull in this new practice to be a Tomes….

I think it’s telling me to be dedicated, even when I don’t feel like it.  Writing is a calling, and a profession, not a hobby.  And to be willing to spend the time to properly research, outline, timeline, etc. It’s only time wasted if I need to replot 1/2 the book because I went out without doing the work.

knight of tomes


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