New year, day three…

Still trying to get organized for my goals.  Should have made getting organized goal #1.

I decided to try the 21 Day course (free) to jumpstart my writing.  It’s all audio training, so I’ll need to do it when Darling Hubby is at work.

You can cheer me on, and help me win writing stuff by clicking this .

My evil plan is to write at least 4 hours per day, weekdays only.  That’s the approximate battery life of my new tablet.  It leaves time to run errands, go to Dr appts, meet friends, etc.  While writing at least 2 hours from 7-9am, and hopefully more between stuff.

The delightfully weightless tablet allows me to write in Dr’s offices, coffee shops, bathrooms…

Writing only on weekdays, allows me to stay married.  And that was one of Stephen King’s rules for being a successful author.  Look after your health, and stay married.

Other challenges are setting up a writing area in the house, cleaning up the clutter, and not procrastinating or fearing my stories.  Sounds weird, but I’m terrified of people judging them.

I am a Norse-Celtic pagan, and am also starting a year-long study of the Nine Noble Virtues.  Starting with Courage.  So I must have the courage to finish my stories, and send them out to readers.

It’s hard to be a successful writer if I don’t.


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