New Year’s resolutions

So, tomorrow is 2015, and I’ve been doing some thinking.  Soul searching, really.

I was really sick for much of last year (2014), including going in for emergency surgery.  But I still got a lot done on my writing.  I completed Nanowrimo two days early!  And I then wrote another 35k.  I’m still working on it, aiming at a 100k first draft.

I had several paintings, including a new one, in an art show in July. And have about 60% of an indie 50’s film in the can.

So, now that I’m much healthier… 2015 will rock!

But I am trying to be reasonable, after all I still have chronic pain, migraines and two crushed vertebrae.  Let’s not get cray cray, okay?

So, I have decided to make New Year’s GOALS, not resolutions.  Resolutions can be broken, and that’s depressing, and then you give up.  GOALS are a direction, a thing to strive for.  If you have an off day, you get up, dust off your butt, and keep striving.

So, in no particular order, here are my 2015 goals”

  1. Finish “Nets to Catch the Wind” to 3rd draft or submission ready.
  2. Make rough list and schedule for 3 trilogies in the Nets universe.  Maybe 2nd draft for book 1 of trilogy 2.  (I  wrote totally out of order)
  3. Get Urban Fey and Avalon books to finished first draft.  Maybe Cairn Morgan series plotted and outline of next 3 books.  Maybe 2nd draft of book 1.
  4. Get membership to Writers market & Cdn writers market and find agent.
  5. Edit “Our Pagan Heart” film to 2nd draft, find editor to do polish edit.
  6. Clean up the clutter!  If it isn’t useful, or feeding my soul, out it goes!  Get rid of all clothes smaller than a 10, and bigger than a 14.
  7. Lose weight, try to get back to 135-140lbs.  Do this by eating more fish, chicken, lentils, etc.  Make more Thai food.
  8. Read read read.  especially my how-to books by writers, research books, etc.
  9. Be grateful for something every day.

This is a lot of writing.  But since the love of my life bought me a 2lb tablet and put my writing programs on it….  I can now write while in town for appointments and errands.  So, I will write for 4 hours a day (minimum, or the life of the battery in my tablet with the internet off) at least 4 days a week.

This allows for normal life things, like visiting family and birthdays to be writing-free.  No cray cray, remember?


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