Nanowrimo and the naked cat

So, I am mere days away from the official end of Nanowrimo.  I say “official” because I will likely be done today, and a dear friend and I have decided to continue the breakneck pace until we are finished a first draft. hopefully before Yule, so my darling hubby doesn’t kill me.

I can hear you wondering “where does the naked cat come in?”

Well, my poor, pretty boy got a skin infection on his butt.  He’s too pudgy to reach it to keep it properly cleaned, and is nervous of anyone going back there with scissors.  It’s the leftover trauma from being fixed, I’m sure.

So, off to the vet to be shaved, so we could apply ointment and the air could get to the infection.  The first day, he was not impressed at all.

Of course, I did start laughing every time I looked at him, and no cat likes that.  Not even a laid back dude like Yeti.  And it interfered with my nano-ing. How am I supposed to write about assassins and barbarians, and a looming war when I laugh every time I look at my cat.

I mean, seriously!  Look at the hooker boots!

My insecure, pay-attention-to-me, why-does-petting-feel-so-good cat.  But he soon settled in, though he’s cold for the first time in his life.  I keep finding him curled up in my sweaters.  At least he’s not covering them with cat fur.

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